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A Venerable Rock Singer and A Cowboy Punk Blasts The Blues.

New Release Brothers In Arms
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Acclaimed musician and song writer Dave Tice has lived the life of rock, punk and blues across Australia, UK and Europe since launching early metal band Buffalo in 1970.

Having worked Buffalo to cult status, Dave was invited to London where he fronted seminal UK R&B Punk band,
The Count Bishops. They cracked the UK Top 40 with “I Want Candy” and toured extensively.
The Count Bishops on UK TV

Partner in crime Mark Evans is former AC/DC bassist and now best selling author of his recently released memoir ‘Dirty Deeds’. Mark traded his electric bass for Gibson acoustic guitars and drives his Rock'n'Roll roots into the rhythm of this hard-edged duo.
Dave Tice and Mark Evans individual characters have twined together to create a style of music that cuts across genre and has evolved to it's own through the years of performing in and around Sydney’s eclectic inner city districts.

'Brothers In Arms' is released on Lungata Records through MGM Distribution.

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Dave delivers smooth yet powerful vocals that are laced in deep undertones, drives guitars of the electric, acoustic and slide kinds, the songs peppered with harmonica.